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Where can I get Ecoute?

Ecoute is available on the Mac App Store. However, we still offer a 'trial' version on our website here: Download Ecoute 3.0.6

What's the pricing?

Ecoute became free because of some sandboxing issues for the Mac App Store. Apple does not allow us to automatically access your music (read-only). The user had to manually select each folders containing music files, and that was a huge user experience break for us.

Ecoute is unusable upon launch

This bug has been fixed in Ecoute 3.0.1. However, you may be unable to open any iTunes Library.xml file. To fix that, you need to re-export your library:

  • Using Finder, navigate to your Home directory
  • Go in Music/iTunes/
  • You should find a iTunes Library.xml file
  • Trash this file. Don't worry, this is not the iTunes database
  • Open iTunes, go to the File menu and choose Library > Export…
  • Export the .xml file where you want
  • Open Ecoute, and it should prompt a dialog, asking you to locate your library
  • Locate the new iTunes library.xml
  • Ecoute should now work properly

Please also make sure that you own the latest version of iTunes.

If you're still having problems upon the first launch, please contact us using the support link below.

This problem will be solved in a further update.

Does Ecoute support iTunes Match?

Unfortunately, there is no API available for streaming or downloading "iTunes Matched" tracks.

But since Ecoute 3.0.2 has been released, you are able to use it with an "iTunes Matched" library. Ecoute automatically sorts tracks by availablity. It means that you must have some of your tracks located on your computer.

I can't auth my Facebook account

Unfortunately, the API used in Ecoute for Facebook connect is not compatible with some web browsers.

If you are having issues with the Facebook auth, please change your default web browser to Safari

  • Open Safari
  • Go to Safari menu and choose Preferences
  • Set Default web browser to Safari
  • Click the Auth button in Ecoute