Three Tech Tips to Make Your Travel More Exciting

traveling outdoors

Traveling outdoor to explore nature can be refreshing and inspiring. The trees, animals, the breeze of the mountain air, and the unpolluted environment of the city’s forest are all pleasant and healthy to our mind. However, it has become common for us to bring along our tech gadgets even to the outdoors.

Here are three tech gadgets to make your nature exploration more exciting!

Bringing a Camera

action camToday, there are many types of camera. Action cameras like GoPro, Garmin, and SJCAM can capture movement with high a high frame rate, hence the name, “action cam.” If your outdoor activities are like downhill cycling, motocross, snowboarding, paragliding, and skydiving, then the brands mentioned above are definitely for you. You do not need an overly high image resolution and pixels.

However, if you love to sightsee, you are going to need a different type of camera. You should check out this great travel camera buying guide. The link there will direct you to an article that discusses in detail the specs of several high-quality travel cameras. You should learn and decide which is the right one for you.

Documenting your trip with a phone may sound like a practical idea to you. It is true that phones today have advanced cameras, but you will need them the most for communication while you are outdoor. Using your phone as a camcorder or camera drains its power fast.

Navigating a Drone

drone for outdoor viewThe cool thing about drone technology is that you can use it as both your scouting device and your flying camera. Action cams do record activities quite well, but they cannot give you the hovering perspective like a drone.

There are three things you should think about before you choose your first drone. First, you do not want it to sound too loud and disturb the animals nearby. The goal of recording using a drone is to capture nature as it is. You can stalk a deer feeding on bushes or a bear nurturing its cub without being too close to them. If your drone causes too much commotion, you will ruin that very purpose.

Second, you want your drone to be adaptive to the wild environment. Some drones sacrifice the flying height for the versatility for outdoor use. They can be navigated easily to evade trees, branches, and other obstacles. Some are even designed to withstand shock so that you do not need to worry if the drone hits something.

Third, you must be aware of how your authority regulates drone use. For instance, you must not fly a drone near a helipad or plane site. Obstructing people’s privacy with a drone is also considered as an offense. You should be careful with your use if you do not want to get fined.

Choosing the Right Portable Power Source

electricity on the roadIf you stay outdoor, then you are usually far from power sockets. You can rely on nothing but your portable battery for your device. Power is vital for your journey because a trivial thing like a dead phone can lead to a fatal consequence. You need to be prepared for an emergency situation. And in every emergency, the most rational thing to do is to reach for help.

If you are out in the wild for days, then you should consider bringing a portable power generator. Waterlily Power Generator uses a turbine that charges on water and air current. Solar chargers like Strong Volt, Power Films, and Solar Paper can be handy if you travel to sunny areas. They are all available on online stores. Check on them to find the right portable power source for you.…

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